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One More Day…

21 Aug

Day 13

It was much harder emotionally than I had imagined the last few days, having to go in to the office and say goodbye to everyone.  I don’t think there was ever a time when I didn’t shed a tear leaving a group of people I love, and this would be no exception despite the circumstances.

On Monday, I took my hour train commute to work.  I shared the news with a train conductor I see regularly, and he made me promise I’d come by to say good-bye on my last day Thursday.  Going into work, people came downstairs left and right to bid farewell, went through contacts and offered their linked-in connections, and one of my close mentors, upon hearing the news was greatly saddened, and told me about positions he may have opening up at the end of the year if I decide it’s what I want and I’m not harboring anger towards the company.

Not really.  It may not be how companies should work, but I understand why it works the way it does, and I feel fortunate enough to have met so many wonderful people, learned a good set of experiences that would make me marketable, and have been offered a great opportunity to pursue my own dreams with the generous severance package.

He asked a good question though – what is it that you want to do?  What is your dream?  His possible open positions sound amazing, and he would be the only person I’d want to work for were I to come back.  But would that be what I want after taking some time to think about it?  It’s hard to tell right now, but I am extremely grateful for that open window.

Yesterday, my team organized a unofficial going away party for me at my favorite speakeasy bar in NY.  It was really nice of them, with my boss and colleagues footing the bill, and though we part our ways now, I wish them well and will hope that our paths cross again soon.

On progress.  After five discovery interviews, I have more insights on the direction of the product now.  I looked at a site close to my concept that has recently been through the incubator program I’m looking at, but while they’re human-powered, mine will be automated and hopefully more scale-able.   Fingers crossed that incubators and investors will also think the same.

I may also have found my second programmer + designer to join the team.  There was a lot of enthusiasm when I told this person about the idea, someone whom I really respect and admire their work.  But I will follow-up in two days to make sure that level of enthusiasm is still there and be cautiously optimistic about things.  It’s always easier to lose steam on an idea that wasn’t originally yours, so I like to give people the time to think it over before deciding this is REALLY it.  At least people are excited about this concept though, and the first programmer is still on board and sending me new data sources to check out daily.

Tomorrow will be my last day.  One more day to go, and then I’m officially on my own.  It’s daunting at the same time liberating, as I think the last two weeks has dragged out to what feels like forever.  It’s about time to finally let go, and begin a new chapter in my life.  One more day.