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Boxed up fears

14 Aug

Day 5

I woke up and an idea today, and laid in bed thinking it through.  After moving all the components around a few times, it actually seemed feasible, and I woke up excited.  It was a gloomy, rainy day, but I had my glimmer of hope. Tying up a few loose ends at work still, I responded to a colleague email about when I will be back in the office.  She told me she envied my position. I know she’s telling the truth, and I would probably say the same if I were in her shoes. But somehow, it still feels different when it happens to you.

I grabbed lunch with a friend, whom I worked on a game idea with back in the days and has been a freelance game artist for the last three years.  He tried to cheer me up, and we spent the rest of the afternoon chatting.  Our conversation was a reminder that there are a lot of ups and downs with not holding a steady job, as I can see its toll on him.  I think entrepreneurship is for some, but definitely not for all, and while it’s nice to say you’re doing your own thing, it definitely has its moments.  I reminded myself to be mindful -there will be moments, many of them, when you have to decide whether you’re cut out for making it on your own.  This brings up the constant question – am I really ready to try to start something on my own?  Or is it time to take a safer route and apply for a job while my mobile skill sets are still in good demand?  The former is a daunting question, while sometimes the latter feels like raising a white flag before the battle even begun.

Dinner time came around and I met with a very good colleague friend who just returned from China and heard the news.  I missed her dearly, and while it wasn’t the best of circumstances, it was nice to see her in good spirits, And we discussed her trip, explored a few business opportunities, and talked possible next steps. She also said she envied my position, And again, I know she meant it in the nicest possible way.

I came home and diagrammed my idea from this morning.  Upon sharing it, I realize it may be the best one I’ve came up with so far – it builds on my expertise in app product development, utilizes my knowledge and passion in travel, and fulfills a market gap that I’ve been both talking about and hearing others complain over for years.  That made me feel a lot better about my day. Maybe, just maybe, along with my resume I can work on an idea that is actually feasible.