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The chicken or the egg?

12 Aug

Day 3

Some of my friends and colleagues came over for a rooftop brunch today, many of whom have been very supportive for the last few days and gave their advice on what their thoughts were on my next step options.

A part of me dreaded having to face people in my emotional state, but I know it would bring me out of my slump and put some perspective back in my life.  If this layoff has taught me anything thus far, it’s to put down my pride and accept the kindness of others with humility.  Another easier said than done item, but I’m trying.

Over food and sangria, we explored applying for the fed as a pre-step for the white house fellowship I wanted to try for with one friend, and listed all my crazy business ideas I had with another, before settling on possibly food or travel as areas my ideas should stem from.  Along of course, with the solid advice that I should focus on two tasks only, and not stretch myself too thin.  I had gotten a similar suggestion last night from another friend, who recommended me to do what I loved, and develop something in travel as well – and started to wonder if they might have a different perspective on me that I haven’t explored.

As the afternoon comes to an end, my friends leave with a content stomach, and I am left with a full heart.  Everything happens for a reason.  I just wonder how we would be wise enough to know the reason to follow through properly, or is it that we journey through life only to find its purpose when we look back in hindsight?