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Bad sugar daddy, good sugar daddy

9 Aug

Day 1

One of the harsh realities of living in Manhattan, is that you’re constantly reminded of how easy life could be if you were just willing to take a small step down from your moral pedestal.

After a night of restless tossing, I got up to browse more unemployment statistics before our quarterly CEO town-hall began.  To my surprise, our growth strategy, our new exciting mobile development, our data direction – almost all of it came from our product development, but all presented by another team.  Our group wasn’t mentioned once, and the head of our department suspiciously missing in the global leadership team lineup.

In a way, this made me feel a bit better.  At the end of the day, it wasn’t having to leave this company that I would be hurt over, but the trust and relationship with the people I worked with.  Confirming that the team is in trouble made me feel better about my situation and being able to trust what my boss had told me.

On my way back from cancelling my fall enrollment in my part-time Parsons design course, I saw a new burger joint my friend had told me about from LA and decided a taste of home might cheer the mood up a bit.  While looking over the menu at the bar, the guy to my right enthusiastically recommended the truffle burger, while the older man to my left gently left a statement that the original was very good.  I chose the original, and that started a conversation about his work in luxury travel, my recent layoff, living in Manhattan, and of course, the burger, which I renamed “beef tartar on a bun”.

At the end of the conversation, he wrote his number on a card, offered to take me out for drinks or dinner, and commented that a girl like me should enjoy life and take a year off to enjoy the world.  That’s when it donned on me how oblivious I was to him hitting on me.  Whoa.

I got home and looked him up before meeting my designer.  Articles after articles via a quick Google search popped up along with his photos, describing him as “the illusive travel agent to billionaires and celebrities whose unlisted number you can only get if you had the means to find it.”  Wow I thought, I would love to work for this guy – I have a huge passion for travel and food and are you kidding?  Forget about a reservation to French Laundry or Per Se, this guy made Thomas Keller close down French Laundry just so Thomas and his staff can come over and cook for one of his clients.  And all else fails, I bet he knows a ton of people who could easily make a phone call and land me a role 10x better than the one I’ve been in, this might be my in to do something in travel or trading!

But reality hit me and I realize he’s probably not looking for a friend or employee, and no, I wasn’t looking for a sugar daddy or an easy way out.  Back to the drawing board.

At the corner coffee shop, I met up with my designer with whom I both work with at work and off work on a side business idea I’ve been moving forward with.  “Here, I got you a cookie” she said, as she handed me a small bag.  She was never one for many words, but her gesture touched me in a way that almost made me breakdown into tears over how frightened and shaken I’ve been over this whole ordeal.  I didn’t, and we proceeded to discuss designs, next steps, time estimates, and I wrote her a check for the next few work items to be delivered.

I took the cookie home with me, and began nibbling on the elevator up to my floor.  It was oatmeal raisin, and one of the best cookies I’ve ever had.  Then, I came home to a small bag of financier and sweet macaroons from Laduree, a “just because” gift from the guy I’m with, and we joked about how he’s now my sugar daddy with all the sweets and sugar he’s bringing me.